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Becka and The Big Bubble books are written by brother and sister team Adam Schomer and Gretchen Schomer Wendel. They are illustrated by Damon Renthrope (bio coming soon).

Adam Schomer

Adam Schomer is an actor/comedian and co-author of Becka and The Big Bubble books. A former Ivy-league soccer player, Adam lives in LA where he coaches children's soccer and pursues his career in writing/acting.

Broadcast Bio:
When he isn't writing sketch comedy, doing voice-overs, or coaching soccer, Adam Schomer [say SHOW-mer] is helping invent new adventures for Becka, the star character in Becka and The Big Bubble, a series of children's books Adam created with his sister, Gretchen. Becka travels the world on a big bubble, introducing kids to the new places and people she meets along the way. Welcome, Adam.

Full Bio:
Adam Schomer is a graduate of Cornell University and the, perhaps more esteemed, Second City Detroit Improv/Sketch Conservatory. While co-creating the improv super group 6 Month Suspension, he also wrote and performed his latest one act comedy ROAM and wrote/performed a whole host of sketch comedy reviews. Adam has also been teaching kids soccer for over 15 years. There, he realized the playful attitude that works in life and in works of art.

As the Co-Creator of the Becka and The Big Bubble children’s book series, he has written over eight children’s books and founded i2i Publishing. As an actor, Adam’s successes range from the films OFFSHORE and The Passenger to various commercials and voice-over ads. Learn more about Adam at www.AdamSchomer.com. (Full acting resume, video/audio, etc.)

Gretchen Schomer Wendel

Gretchen Schomer Wendel is co-author of Becka and The Big Bubble books. A writer and full-time Mom, Gretchen lives in California with her husband, Hal, and two children, Clayton and Megan.

Broadcast Bio:
Gretchen Schomer [say SHOW-mer] Wendel's career in writing began with reporting and producing in San Francisco. Today, she's creating new adventures for a spunky little red-headed girl in the Becka and The Big Bubble books Gretchen writes with her brother Adam. Gretchen has two young children of her own who love to hear about the places and people Becka meets while traveling the world on her big bubble, and they're not alone. Kids and parents everywhere are beginning to follow Becka. Welcome, Gretchen.

Full Bio:
Gretchen Schomer Wendel grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Following her graduation from Michigan State University, Gretchen moved to San Francisco, California, where she reported for and produced the award-winning program, Everybody's Angels. She's worked as a matchmaker and fundraiser and is an advocate for parks preservation. Today, she writes the Becka and The Big Bubble books with her brother Adam, and spends time with her husband, Hal, and two children, Clayton and Megan.

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