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  1. Why is it important that children explore our world? How can we help our kids feel comfortable in other cultures and communities?
  2. You’ve traveled extensively, and Gretchen, you travel with your children now. Can you give us some tips on traveling with kids – or sending kids to travel alone (like to see their grandparents on a plane)?
  3. Why did you choose a bubble for Becka to travel on?
  4. If you wanted children to learn five things from your books, what would they be?
  5. How do you choose the locations to which Becka will travel?
  6. As a child, did you travel much? What were your impressions of this travel?
  7. (Adam) You worked with children in other countries. How do they differ from American children in their views of the world?
  8. What are the characteristics of Becka that you hope children will emulate?
  9. How did your previous experience in life (actor, soccer coach, OR writer/producer) lead you to writing these books?
  10. How can parents help fire up their kids' imaginations? Become more adventuresome?
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